Workload Monitoring &
Management of Cricketers

An Athlete Management System (AMS) developed specifically for the sport of cricket. With outputs (reports) designed specifically for coaches, physio's, doctors, researchers and more. The Cricket Clinic App allows users to view and monitor players anywhere and anytime in real-time.


What does Cricket Clinic provide?


  • Quick overview of players and teams 
  • Graphs of injuries, and player workloads 
  • Quick links to manage your players
  • More
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  • Manage your player
  • Assisted player creation and management
  • Change player details
  • Assign players to teams
  • View a players profile
  • View historical info
  • Activity history
  • Acute cronic workload ratio graph
  • Injury history
  • Current player play status
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  • Manage your teams
  • Assign / move players to and from teams
  • View team profile
  • View and assign coaching staff
  • Quick overview of player workload acwr an injury status
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  • User friendly user interface
  • Capture weekly player activities, fielding, deliveries, batting, strength and conditioning and other 
  • Filter and search players for quick access
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Treatment Reports

  • Keep record of a players treatments
  • Get notifications when no treatment reports are updated
  • Setup a distribution list to notify relevant people of the treatment report
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Musculoskeletal Screenings

  • Capture screening tests for players
  • Keep history of previous screening test to compare
  • Customized screening test for your team
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Injury Reports

  • Manage your players injuries and treatments
  • Keep historical information
  • Setup a mailing list to distribute injury reports
  • Restrict access to doctors, physios and coaches
  • Store injury related files like x-rays for quick and easy retrieval
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  • Capture KPI's for batting, fielding, bowling and keeping
  • Set benchmark to compare KPI's to
  • Set season targets to compare to
  • View season and career averages
  • Quick overview with color indicators if KPI's are up or down
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  • Manage player development strategies with KPA
  • Create/Manage short, medium and long term objectives
  • Download Reports
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Feedback and Reports

A key requirement for all AMS systems is the delivery of practical and usable feedback. The practitioner, coach or player must have access to the numbers that will guide "player preparation and management". 

For the practitioner or coach, the real value lies in Cricket Clinic's reporting system. The different report types provide the necessary information to the coach or practitioner to guide him or her in managing the player or team. 

As an additional reporting tool, the “Dashboard” option on Cricket Clinic is also available. This will provide quick access in a bar-graph format of a player’s workload over a set time period. 

Companion App

The Cricket Clinic companion app


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Players, Teams, Coaching Staff,Reports, 
Emails & Auto Notifications, KPI's, 
Workload Monitoring, Injury Reporting, 
Treatment Reporting, Screening Tests


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Workload Monitoring,
Workload Flags & Triggers, 
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Full Cricket Athlete Management System aimed at the management of Professional, amateur and school cricket teams


Tracking and management of individual workload

Dashboard Management
Player Management
Team Management
Coaching Staff Access
Auto Notifications
KPI Monitoring
Workload Monitoring
Injury Reporting
Treatment Reporting
Musculoskeletal Screenings
Screening Tests
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Pro Version
  • Player and Team Creation and management by the Cricket Clinic support team
  • Centralized workload data capturing by coaching and support staff
Club Version
  • Team creation not possible
  • User Manages and captures own workload

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